Job Hunt Begins

So, after weeks of procrastination, I have finally decided so sober up and stop living off my parent’s money. I have just sent out my first [cold call] application to the HORG as a clinical trial co-ordinator. As I was scouring through the job listings, I realized my interest in basic research has somewhat fizzled out, and now I’m more inclined towards treading the line between basic research and the clinic, or more commonly known as translational medicine. I have noted down about 10 job positions hopefully, at least one employer will be willing to take me on!

Anyhow, powering my motivation to type the detestable cover letters and resume was a huge bowl of Loaded Oatmeal. Let’s see what was in there: Scottish oats, chia seeds, water/soy milk, mashed banana, raw protein powder, strawberries, cherries, crumbled vanilla almond coconut macaroon, melted raw cocoa nib truffles, macadamia nut butter, dried cranberries, crushed cashews, cinnamon, vanilla extract. I always layer my oatmeal strategically; you could call it a science. I like to put a drizzle of nut butter here, a hidden nugget of chocolate there and crushed nuts and fruits layered in between. In this way, each mouthful is totally different. Needless to say, my favorite mouthful is the one smothered in melted chocolate, which I always save for the last!

Loaded oatmeal

This loaded bowl was literally and figuratively exploding with awesomeness! Happy Monday and have a great week ahead!

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