Weekend Candies

How was your weekend? Mine was a triple ‘L’: lazy, languid and laid-back. Sunday started off blissfully with yet another stack of winning-combination pancakes – Chocolate Pancakes topped with Puree of Durian Banana (Durianana).

Chocolate pancakes w durianana puree

Just look at that luscious durianana! Creamy and pungent, this certainly added some kick to the otherwise languorous Sunday. The chocolate pancakes was stodgier than usual, perhaps because of the cacao powder (which acts somewhat like a thickener), or because I cooked them slightly longer than usual (too much multi-tasking in the kitchen). Nevertheless, these pancakes made one happy belly.

Remember my mention of the Annie Tan prize? Well, I received a mail yesterday from the University informing that I was no longer on their shortlist, with no specific reasons provided. Truthfully, I’m superbly relieved to hear this news. I don’t feel as I meet the qualifications and now I don’t have to bear the burden of the interview on my mind. [Graduation] results will be released tomorrow, and I’m quite excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. You bet my eyes will be glued to the phone at around 8am tomorrow.

The family had Sunday lunch at Ichiban Boshi, which was my idea so that I could make use of the rewards card (it’s a pretty worthy card since most of their main dishes already cost $20, which entitles you to a stamp, which can be redeemed for free dishes or vouchers). I ordered the Salmon Head Pirikara Claypot Udon.

Ichiban Boshi Salmon head pirikara Snapseed

This consists of thick udon noodles in a heady garlic onion broth, with battered salmon pieces (tempura style), and silken tofu, egg, shitake mushroom and cabbage. It left me with a garlic breath that lasted many hours! In total we earned 5 stamps from the lunch; pretty awesome!

Dinner time rolled around and I exercised some creativity in another clean-out-the-fridge operation. A Sweet Potato Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf Salad was conjured.

SP quinoa mushroom pilaf

I had no patience for proper photos of the cooking process so this is the best I have. I loved the sauteed garlic [again!] mushrooms best. I was intending on sweet potato fries but because I overcrowded the casserole, it came out soft and steamed rather than crispy and caramelized. I well-learnt lesson – fries don’t like friends!

Otherwise, the other half of my weekend was spent playing Candy Crush. Addictive game; I supposed it’s a good thing then that you have limited number of lives (5), which only can be replenished once every half hour.

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