Product Review: An Ally to Aminos

Ally amino quinoa amaranth

While I would rate myself as a loyal Bob’s Red Mill fan when it comes to grains, I also love trying out new products. So when I saw this pack of Ally Amino Grains on the supermarket shelves, I got all excited.

Sold conveniently as 6x30g packs, each contains a blend of (white) quinoa, amaranth, millets, buckwheat and sesame. You know how you get bored with one type of grain, and how a pack of quinoa can languish in the pantry for months? This is a wonderful solution – by having the medley of grains, it provides varied textures, making for an interesting mix in each mouthful. Although the instructions recommend adding the grains as a supplement to rice or soup, I had it just as it is, cooked in water first, then soy milk stirred in. Seeing that the pack was small, I topped it up with a handful of Raspberry Galaxy Granola (that I bought from iHerb). Finally, I added chopped fresh fruits (mangoes, banana, cherries, grapes) and layered with chia seed peanut butter.

As expected, the grains had that characteristic nutty taste/smell, but mostly it was infused with the saccharine sweetness of the Benishan mangoes. Though not as creamy as oats, it’s a good change from the usual.

On a side note, I unearthed a (Forever Italy) moka pot from the kitchen cupboards yesterday while trying to find a sieve (in preparation for making red velvet cupcakes – to come soon). I was really excited as it meant proper coffee – finally! After watching a youtube video on how to use it, I made my first pot of (luwak) espresso this morning. What a heady, potent brew it gave! I’m in love with this new equipment. Sometimes, such small unexpected finds give the most pleasures.

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