YumYum at NamNam Noodle Bar

Dining out NamNam chicken pho

A steaming bowl of slurpilicious Pho Ga (Vietnamese chicken rice noodles) at NamNam Noodle Bar, Wheelock Place, as a prelude to an extremely fruitful and happy shopping trip. The thin, silky rice noodles glided down the throat on a joy ride, aided by a clean yet robust chicken broth. There’s no icky oil or MSG involved, just generous heaps of onions, scallions, cilantro, and tender pieces of chicken on top of it all. This is definitely not for the onion-haters. Now I totally understand the unabating queue at this restaurant. At least their service is god-speed quick, the staff well-trained to handle the office hour lunch crowd.

With regards to the shopping haul, it included a plain white long sleeve shirt from Mango (for convocation purpose), and from Topshop a black/white cotton dress, a white lace crop top and a matching long flowy skirt with prints. Thanks Mum for the purchases!

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