Vegan Mofo 6: F is for Farming [Kang Kong]

Growing my own vegetables had been something I’ve contemplated for years, but it was one of those things that I kept putting off. Finally, a visit to a nursery (World Farm in Sembawang) yesterday with my Mom provided a renewed fillip to start growing a green thumb. Apart from the gardening supplies she bought for her school’s needs, we got a rectangular plastic terracotta planter, and kang kong seeds.

KangKong_sow_seeds (120913)

Kang Kong (also known as water spinach or Chinese watercress) is a dark leafy vegetable that is more closely related to the sweet potato plant rather than spinach. Native to East and Southeast Asia, it is a cheap and nutritious staple in Asian cuisines and commonly enjoyed as a stir-fry with garlic, oyster sauce and of course, sambal! This hardy, low-maintenance plant is the perfect choice for beginners to gardening. Given the right conditions (hot, humid and wet), Kang Kong grows like wildfire and which you can be harvested harvest all year round.

This morning I sowed the seeds, sprinkling a handful on top of some potting mix, then covering again with a light layer of soil before completely inundating the soil with water. When it comes to kang kong, water is their pool of life for thrive! I’m very excited about this new project and hopefully a steaming plate of sambal kangkong will be sitting on the dinner table in a few weeks time!

Meanwhile, I’ve been rethinking the direction and meaning of this blog, and also my life’s direction. Sometimes I get caught between writing for myself and for an audience. While I still love food, cooking, and sharing healthy recipes, I also want to explore other budding interests such as gardening, design, philosophy, Christianity and perhaps even writing an e-cookbook. The point is, I have always vacillated back and forth between various dabbles. Call me a jack of all trades but master of none, but I’m having much fun trying to do it all. Maybe a website redesign is in order; that’s what I always feel like doing when I feel like I’ve come to be at the crossroads.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo 6: F is for Farming [Kang Kong]”

  1. I started gardening last year in a community garden where I have a small lot. To my surprise, I really love it! Good luck with the Kang Kong. I’m not familiar at all with this veggie.

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