Vegan Mofo 12: N is for buckwheat Nori rolls

I did not intend on posting about these Nori rolls because they were unphotogenic and falling apart, or simply put, not “blog-worthy.” Then I caught myself; this blog was started first and foremost as a record of my kitchen experiments. Although it’s great to have a readership, it is no longer meaningful when you write for the audience rather than for yourself. At the very least, sharing my mistakes may help others to. And so this post was resurrected.

You probably need no introduction to nori. Apart from being the nickname of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s baby, it is the umami paper-like stuff that holds your sushi together. More scientifically, it is red algae fronds (P. yezoensis and P. tenera) harvested from the inter- and sub-tidal ocean zones, then pressed into thin sheets and dried with a machine that resembles a paper-making machine. In addition to being used as sushi wrappers, they can be also be deep-fried or baked and enjoyed as an addictive crispy snack.

But back to basics. As a sushi lover, it only makes sense to learn how to make sushi rolls. Not only can you save money, you can customize the fillings to your hearts content. There are many good videos sushi-rolling tutorials on youtube including this (includes both normal and inside-out rolls), or if you prefer a step-by-step guide you can check this out (note that ingredients used are not vegan).

For the fillings I went with buckwheat, carrot, jicama and tofu. Making sushi rolls is not the time to be greedy; I had too much of the fillings and the rolls wouldn’t stick at the seams. They fell apart completely and eventually I had to turn the sushi rolls into a sushi bowl. Still tasty though!

Using buckwheat in place of sushi rice may or may not be a good idea. It has a natural slime so which helps the groats stick together just like sticky sushi rice. However the groats itself are quite large so which reduces the amount of other fillings that can be put into the sushi. The solution? These rolls made with Sticky Quinoa Rice sounds like the answer.

Meanwhile, these are some fantastic Tofu Rolls I had at New Green Pastures Cafe a few weeks ago. The veggies were lightly cooked so that they retained some crunch, and were accompanied with a very tasty shallot sauce reminiscent of that used in popiahs. I was actually inspired by these rolls hence the similar ingredients used in my version.

New Green Pastures Cafe
Address: #04-22, Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, Singapore 188979

I am in the process of revamping my blog and I thought an FAQ page will be useful. Feel free to ask any questions from food to lifestyle in the comment box or you can email me at sab-06@hotmail. Whatever your questions, I’d be happy to hear.

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