Updates from Early Morning Oats!

Hi! It’s been 10 months since my last post. During this period it was a time of finding myself. During and after the intensive vegan mofo period, I felt I was pressurized to create recipes and labeled as a “food blogger.” I moved my blogging platform onto Instagram (@thecuriousgreen) as a microblogging site, but you know, it’s hard to post recipes there.

Anyhow, through instagram I got to know many people and they have opened my eyes to the world, their worlds and creative ideas. And I think I found myself now. I am Sabrina, christ-centered, saved by grace. I like to create plant-based, gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free recipes for all, from my apartment kitchen in Singapore. So this may sound like any other health food blogger. Sometimes I wonder if it is a trivial matter to have a food blog and blog about food when there are so many people starving out there. But I find peace in writing, photography, creating and life is so short, just do what makes you happy. You can do anything, but not everything. Leave each to do what he does best.

And the major announcement: I am now blogging at nutrisabby.com. Actually I hate this name now because it sounds a tad self-centered (I do not like my name as part of the domain). On instagram you can find me as kaleandhearty. Most unfortunately, the domain kaleandhearty.com is registered and will only expire next year. The alternative TLDs are .me, .net and .co, which I may consider, if worst comes to worst. Otherwise, I might have to scratch my names for a new monkier…. again.

See you at my other site. I hate the design there, and in the midst of a makeover. The annoying thing is that my IP keeps getting blacklisted by Bluehost.

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Sabrina is passionate about all things health, wellness, conscious living and good vibes.

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