Vegan Mofo 20: Roundup

So Vegan Mofo is over and it’s October already but better a late reflection than never. I must say I literally cooked my way through the alphabet. For simplicity, I’ll do my reflection Q&A style.

Why I joined Vegan Mofo
1. I was unemployed and had too much time on hand; 2. To connect with other blogs; 3. To gain publicity; 4. To expand my repertoire of vegan recipes.

On my theme

The A-Z theme is flexible yet guided so you won’t run out of recipes or things to blog about. While sometimes I had to buy a specific ingredient just for the recipe, it afforded the opportunity to work with with ingredients I never had before, such as jicama, red beans, and yams. In writing about the dishes, I also learnt a lot about the history such as how Thunder Tea Rice came about. In short, the A-Z theme is useful for the unseasoned cook.

Did Vegan Mofo meet my expectations?
Seriously, I was too busy with maintaining my own blog that I hardly had time to visit other blogs. There wasn’t any significant increase in readership (posts not interesting enough?) but I’m not too worked up over that. What’s more important is that I’m now more confident of vegan cooking, such as how to use vegan eggs, coconut whipped cream, sprouting etc. Also in the past I used to make mostly single-serving dishes but now I am more confident working with mass ingredients.

Would I join Vegan Mofo again?
Seeing that the requirement is to churn out at least 20 posts in a month, it means cooking yourself silly and blogging at a maniacal speed. It was truly fun, it pushed the borders of my creativity, but it was really time-consuming. Sure you could fall short of the 20 posts (I doubt the organizers would do anything), but I’m not one to renegade on my word. I would join Vegan Mofo next year again only if I have the time, and choose a different theme that doesn’t require so much cooking.

My favorite recipes
Below is a gallery of all the dishes created for Vegan Mofo (you can click on the individual pictures to go to the post). The hits are the Sprouted Granola, Durian Mousse Cake , Thai Quinoa Salad with Jicama and the Lentil Sunday Roast. The Chocolate Maple Pecan Butter is so good too! Disasters include the vegan cheese block and the Kuih Ondeh Ondeh.


What’s in store for Early Morning Oats?
First I’m looking to move to having my own domain and redesigning the site. I’m also looking to expand this blog beyond a recipe website, perhaps writing on health & fitness and nutrition, as well as have a “photography” tab as I want to develop my photography repertoire to just beyond food. In terms of recipes, this month I’m looking forward to expand my raw recipes because I really feel the difference and increase in appetite my eating more veggies.

So this sums up my reflection of Vegan Mofo. After this intense period of cooking myself silly, I’m looking forward to days of normalcy.